Nature is our business

Connecting people with their natural heritage.

Marianne Riis, editor

Welcome to our world

The VisitNature Group is a company working with several branches of nature - always in a sustainable way.
We are a group of naturalists, freelance writers and wildlife photographers. With a passion for the great outdoor we communicate and illustrate the wonders of nature. Our mission is to set focus on the biodiversity of the planet and inspire and introduce you to the world of nature.

Our Scandinavian sites

NaturGuide (nature guide) is one of Denmarks largest online magazines about nature and wildlife. Mainly readers from Denmark but also Norway and Sweden.

Thorup Strand - tourism

Nature tourism accounts for about a fifth of international travel, making this a promising segment. is one of our latest projects, A portal for eco tourism around the small nature harbour of Thorup Strand.

Naturvejleder (nature interpreter) is an upcoming inspirational site about things to do and discover outsite. The target audiences are families and children.

Wild About Denmark is an online introduction to visitors and tourists who want to now more about Danish nature and wildlife. The site is in English.


NaturGrafik is a picture agency specialized in nature and outdoor images. We proudly provide magazines, editors and webmasters an affordable solution to display the wonders of nature.

More sites to come...

The VisitNature Company owns many great domains and we hope to introduce you to more great sites in the future.

Promoting the awareness of our natural world.

...a matter of storytelling carried by our passion for our subjects.

Through our work we try to bring meaning to our cultural and environmental resources in a way that inspires and educates.

What are we good at?

Illustrating nature

Wildlife photography is a passion! Our images are today being used in several European countries, USA and Australia.

Web development

All our websites and social media relationships are maintained in-house.

Communicating nature

We have published more than 1000 articles about nature and wildlife. Every week several new stories are going online.

Nature Interpretation

Through interpretation we try to bring meaning to our cultural and environmental resources in a way that inspires and educates.

Keep in touch

VisitNATURE, attention Marianne Riis, Bygholmvej 71, 7742 Vesløs, Denmark.

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