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WildAboutDenmark.com is an online introduction to visitors and tourists who want to now more about Danish nature and wildlife. WildAboutDenmark.com welcomes you to the great outdoors of Denmark. A small country with great historic and natural adventures.

Denmark is situated between the Atlantic region and the European continent, between the saline North Sea and the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea. Because of the very changeable climate with considerable regional differences, wildlife in Denmark is plentiful and multifarious as Danish nature is the natural home for a large number of plants and animals – estimated around 40,000 species in total according to DanBIF – Danish Biodiversity Information Facility, University of Copenhagen.

Denmark is seemingly becoming wilder by the day. Wolves have returned after a long absence, the European jackal has made its first ever appearance, the Golden Eagle is breeding again. Wild boars have returned in parts of the country and wild beavers have been spotted north of the Lim Fjord, Northern Denmark for the first time in 1,000 years.

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