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The VisitNature Company is a media agency working with several branches of nature. We are a team of naturalists, frelance writers and wildlife photographers. With a passion for the great outdoors we illustrate and communicate the wonders of nature.

Our main businesses are e-publishing (wildlife, outdoor and ecotourism), advertising sales, content marketing, stock photo sales, creative illustrations and graphics.
Recently we have also been working with natural foods preparation – tutorials and recipes, nature interpretation and conservation.

Our mission is to set focus on the biodiversity of the planet and inspire and introduce you to the world of nature. We aim to link the VisitNature trademark with high standards in our products and services: “Connecting people with their natural heritage”.

Company Information.
The Company was originally founded in 2007 by forester Niels D. Lisborg and is today run by partner and editor Marianne Riis. Today, the company consists of a network of talented photographers and freelance writers who contribute content to our various media platforms. 

Address: VisitNature, Bygholmvej 71, DK-7742 Vesløs.
T: 4077-7210 | Web: VisitNature.com | E: info@visitnature.com | VATIN: DK-30300734

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