Natural Food Preparation

Pesto made of nettles. Tasty and healthy.

Rediscovering natures gifts.
In our modern and HighTec life of the 21st century with busy schedules and long working days many people are longing for a simple living concept with less stress and more time for the family. In some terms the dream can easily be met.

Picking berries.

Scientists have proven that connecting with nature is good for your health. Here at VisitNATURE we have picked up the challenge and try to rediscover the skills of our ancestors and learn about old fashioned methods of cooking using natural food.

We enjoy rediscovering natures gifts and the relaxing harmony in picking mushrooms and berries from the forests, collecting spices from plants and flowers – and learn about grandmothers old food preservation methods such as canning, pickling without the use of synthetic additives.