We support nature conservation

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The VisitNATURE company takes efforts to contribute to the understanding and caring of the environment and the biodiversity of our planet.

All our work – thousands of hours in the field, exploring and studying – and thousands of hours at the office, editing, web developing, writing, publishing – all that time arises from our interest in nature. And we love our work!

Using the power of photographic storytelling, we hope to motivate individuals to take action in the protection of endangered species and habitats.

When buying an image from our picture agency or advertising in one of our magazines, you are helping us supporting endangered species and habitats.

Every year we donate 10 % of the company’s profits. For several years we have been able to give donations to buy and secure rainforest
and other wildlife habitats. So far only minor donations but still it counts. However, it is only possible when we are able to sell our products and services.WWF sponsor

VisitNATURE is a corporate sponsor for WWF Denmark.

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